Every Minute?

It’s been awhile since I have blogged, mostly because I haven’t had anything I’ve really felt compelled to write about. I have had two ideas, thoughts, sparks or fish kind of swimming around in my brain for some time now and I guess it is time to set one of those little fish out into the ocean. The other idea I’m going to keep in my bowl for a brain until it becomes a stronger swimmer.

I read a blog post not too long ago about a mother who found it frustrating when people in random places stopped her and said things like, “Oh, enjoy every minute of it.”  She found it especially frustrating when her children happened to be misbehaving at the time. Anyone who is a parent has probably found themselves in similar situations. You are in a store or a park and an older person whose children are now grown says one of the following, “Enjoy every minute of it.”, “They grow up so fast, enjoy it while you can.”, “I miss those days.”…. I have to say I LOVE when someone says any of these things to me. It doesn’t matter if my kids are being as rotten as ever, that is usually when I need to here it the most. When someone says any of these things to me I know they aren’t saying, “Hey isn’t this the easiest thing you ever did?”  I look at the simple statement of “Enjoy every minute of it” as being a wealth of advice rolled into one simplified sentence. Here are some of the things “Enjoy every minute of it” means to me:

It means that they loved being a parent. It means that they may have regrets about not taking more time to enjoy the little things and they are trying to spare you the same regret.  It means that they miss being a parent to young children. It means that being a parent is a choice that we made and we should choose to enjoy it. It means that we need to not sweat the small stuff. It means that it is worth it. It means that parenthood isn’t easy so sometimes you need to be reminded to enjoy it because it is far too easy to get caught up and forget to enjoy. It means many good things will pass you by if you don’t actively try to enjoy parenthood. It means you can never have too many good memories of your child and you will always want more.

Being a mom isn’t always gum drops and lollipops but I love it. My kids are still young so I know a lot of the challenges of being a mother are still to come. Challenges are part of the package of parenthood though and if having one child screaming at the till for mints and two others running out the door while I’m trying to pay for groceries is part of being a mom then I love it. Really the grocery store shenanigans aren’t even a real challenge they are just cheap entertainment for all the other shoppers. Maybe that is part of what they mean when they say “Enjoy every minute of it”, maybe they are saying, “This is a cakewalk compared to what you’re going to go through when they are 15 so enjoy it while you can.”

Parenthood is a combination of experiences so try to love and enjoy as much of it as you can and you will find more joy in being a parent more moments to enjoy and a easier time getting through the trying moments. I know that every family is different and different things work for different people, but I really think there is a lot of wisdom in the statement, “Enjoy every minute of it.”


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