Be Aggressive

If you had to make a list of words to describe yourself could you do it? I’m not talking about physical attributes. That would be too easy. I mean to describe YOU, who you are, your personality, your strengths and weaknesses. I’m not really good at labeling myself. In an attempt to try to make a list to describe myself  I end up just saying, “I’m me. Be that what it is. Sometimes I’m one thing sometimes another, depends on the situation and how I’m feeling.”

There was a word used to describe me recently that I found peculiar and it got me thinking, “Is that how people view me?” It wasn’t how I viewed myself but if it was how others perceived me then would it mean I really was that. What perception defines who you are? Is it the way I view myself or how others view me? What was the word that got me thinking? The word was “aggressive”. I have never thought of myself as an aggressive person. It made me think of other words people have used to describe me that have caught me off guard; funny, passionate, intimidating, stuck-up. Not that they are all offensive but they are surprising to me. If I go back to my own description of myself it kind of leaves it wide open for me to be all those things though, so I shouldn’t be surprised. After contemplating each of the various words I’ve realized how each of them could be used to describe me in different situations and in that way they are accurate. However if I were to make a list of words to describe myself I don’t think I would use those words.
Maybe if I know the words that I wouldn’t use to describe myself I should know the ones that I would. Oh, let’s give it a try……
*Passionate……ok maybe they were right
There, I did it and it really wasn’t that hard but I think I will still default back to “different things given the situation.”

I can’t help but wonder if people would react the same way to some of the words I’ve used to describe myself as I do to some of the words that have been used to describe me. “Hardworking? Did she say Hardworking? Huh that’s interesting, I’ve always considered her more of the lazy type.”
If you picked the five people who you thought knew you best and asked them to describe you do you think they would be able to? Better yet do you think you would agree with them? Something I’ve always wanted to do is have people anonymously submit what they consider to be my least desirable characteristic. I think it would be very interesting. Really I am slightly fascinated with perceptions. How we perceive something in contrast to how someone else does, in particular how people perceive each other, and what constitutes the reality.


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