Gummi Bears are a complete disappointment

Not too long ago my husband came home from the store with an exciting treat for the kids………VITAMINS!
Okay not really all that exciting when you say it that way but when I look back on my childhood I recall being quite excited about vitamins. Why? Well the answer to that is quite clearly Wilma, Betty, Dino and Pebbles. Flinstone vitamins were something I looked forward to. Of course there was automatically a sense of novelty knowing that you could only have one a day and then there was the thrill of trying to pick the perfect color/character combination. “What will I have this time? Pink Pebbles,Purple Dino, Orange Wilma?” But once the choice was made and the character and color were determined the truth became evident, they didn’t really taste all that great. I was expecting the same results from the Vitamins my husband had bought. A novel presentation that in the end would only taste mediocre because after all they were just vitamins and not actually candy.

We opened the vitamins and gave our children their daily allotment. This became the morning ritual. One day my husband decided to try one. “These are actually quite good”, he said. I decided to try them and found that they were good, really good, and not just for vitamins they were good for candy. Soon the children weren’t the only ones having their morning Gummy Bear vitamin, I was in on it as well. I read the label. The recommended daily intake was 4. Whoohoooo! I had only been eating two, now I could eat four! I investigated the label for any more exciting info I may have missed. Apparently these L’il Critters Gummy Vites, as they were called, had won some sort of chefs award for their great taste. Wow! I didn’t even know they had such awards.

Four seemed to be a satisfactory amount to eat each day for a short time but I found myself making the occasional exception and allowing myself five. On occasion I thought more than five would be enjoyable to indulge in. I found it slightly frustrating that a vitamin should tempt me to eat with complete abandon. I decided the best course of action to take was to buy a bag of candy Gummi Bears at the store and just eat as many of those as I wanted to.The day came for groceries to be bought. While at the store I bought the biggest bag of Gummi Bears I could find. I got them home and sat down completely focused on satisfying my craving. I ate one bear,”wait a minute that didn’t taste that good. Maybe another color?……No. Maybe this one?……..No,no and no.” The sad conclusion was that the real candy bears were a sorry substitute for the vitamin bears. What a disappointment.


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