I love my little XYs

I am a mom. I have four little boys. When I was pregnant for our third child people would ask if I was hoping for a girl.  I would respond, “Well, I’m hoping for a human. I’ve heard extraterrestrial babies are really tough.” I would answer in a joking lighthearted manner but my thoughts weren’t so cheery. I actually found the question quite annoying. Now the question has changed. I always seem to run into someone who will ask, “So are you going to try for a girl?”. Usually when faced with this question I laugh a little and simply say, “We like having boys”. I understand that most people are just trying to make conversation when they say things like this but every so often I get the urge to let it all out. If I were to really say what I thought it would go something like this:

“No! I will never make the decision to have another child based solely on the hopes of it being a girl. If I decide I want to have another child it will be because I want another child. No child deserves to be born a disappointment based on the fact that they got a Y and not an X, something completely out of their control. I enjoy raising boys. I grew up with three brothers and loved it. I like to fish and to camp. I like spiders and snakes and frogs. My boys go to plays and musicals with me and even get excited to watch the Nutcracker Ballet at Christmas. I am completely satisfied with the wonderful children I have. I find the notion of having another baby in hopes of filling some kind of sex organ roll call disturbing. Don’t pity me because I don’t pity myself. I LOVE raising my boys. Thank you and have a great day.”(There. I feel so much better already)

Chances are if I were to respond like that the unfortunate person who asked the question would never ask another person anything pertaining to family planning.

A certain fantastic lady I know had a man say something to her about her having another child. Her response went something like this, “Well that would be pretty hard since I don’t have a uterus anymore.” Pretty sure uncomfortable silence followed. I guess honesty really is the best policy or in this instance the most humorous.


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