I assisted in the mental gestation of Harry Potter

Ok, so I don’t have any direct connection to the Harry Potter books but stay with me for a minute. For every great idea, invention, creation or any other variation out there that comes to be a reality, there are thousands of pieces of that idea that were partially imagined in other peoples minds. Sometimes people have ideas but lack certain abilities, motivation or resources. Sometimes they don’t realize the potential, sometimes they don’t have enough of the pieces, and sometimes they are happy keeping it to them self. For one reason or another the idea doesn’t come to fruition.

Sometimes I imagine an idea as a creature unto itself; beginning in one mind and then moving into another mind to grow and add to itself. It continues on in this pattern until it feels it is complete and it will call the final mind it resides in its creator. If this creator fails to acknowledge the the idea or does not possess the ability to bring that idea to life the idea will find a new creator. Eventually it will find a competent creator and will be born into the world. Ideas are stubborn like that. Once the idea is born it has many possible fates. It may be welcomed and applauded like the Harry Potter books, or ostracized and rejected like the”Baby cage”http://content.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1991915_1991909_1991746,00.html.(click on the link you won’t be sorry you did. Seriously! what were they thinking?) Maybe some don’t have a large following but a small loyal fan base like fanny packs. Some are love/hate ideas, like Nickleback’s music or the Twilight Series. You know, you either love them or you hate them (I belong to the later group for both of those examples). Either way, it is released to be judged by the world. It is in this sense, of an idea being a creature that moves from mind to mind, that I say I assisted in the mental gestation of Harry Potter.

As a young child I enjoyed looking at family photo albums. One day while looking over the pages of one such album I stopped at a photo of my parents on their wedding day. As I studied the picture I came to a startling conclusion…………(building suspense)……. My parents were obviously witches! It was plain and simple to see. My mom had black hair, not dark brown, BLACK. My dad had a suspiciously pointy nose. How could they not be witches? I imagined how they must have met each other and been able to know, by the telltale features, that the other was a witch. They would have been drawn to each other by the commonality of having magical powers and that would have sent them down the path to find love. I wondered how long it would be before they would tell me. Would they tell me? Were they good witches? I sure hoped so. I planned on being a good witch. I did inherit the pointy nose, my hair wasn’t black but it was pretty dark. I had to be a witch. I thought about it for a while and then the idea moved on to another mind and I moved on to another picture. And that was the moment that I helped mentally gestate the story of Harry Potter. It came…. and it went. I loved the idea then and I love it now that it is a full grown creation. I am, however, still waiting for the confirmation that I am a witch and have yet to find my magical abilities. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.


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