One of my favorite people!

When I was in Elementary school I was given the assignment to write about someone who was a role model to me. I was really unsure who to write about. I didn’t  consider anyone a person I would entirely pattern my behavior after.  I kind of thought the equation was easy, be nice+be happy+do what you love = be the person I want to be. I looked at who the other kids were writing about and thought well I guess Karen Kain, a Canadian Ballerina, would be what people would expect or accept as my role model, so that’s who I wrote about.  I distinctly remember feeling like I had written one big fat lie down on paper for everyone to read.

By the time I was in High school I still lacked any distinct role model. I had come to the conclusion that everyone had a quality that was admirable and that I could appreciate and like everyone around me and incorporate those admirable attributes into my own character if I took the time to. There was one girl that I had a hard time liking, as I recognized her admirable traits I was able to overlook those things that I found undesirable about her and we became friends. The traits I learned from her and incorporated into my own character have made me a better person forever, how can you not be friends with someone who has made you a better person. I came to the conclusion that having one role model or person to idolize hindered our ability to really see all the wonderful people around us and swore off ever having a role model. This idea seemed to work for quite some time until …Until the day that I came to find people that had so many admirable traits that I strove to incorporate into my own character that I really held them in a place of honor in my mind. Had I developed role models, oh no, I had sworn them off, what should I do? The answer was a special mental list. This is how my mental list of Favorite People came to be. I want to focus on one of these favorite people and tell you why she is one of my favorite people. I met Yvonne Bullock when I was a teen. I was asked to do choreo for a small group of people doing a variety show and she was the pianist. She was an older lady but certainly didn’t seem to slow down at all. She was so passionate about the whole thing. I could tell she loved doing what she did and loved sharing her talent with others. She told me then and several times after, “don’t ever stop doing what you love, don’t ever stop dancing, you can always find a place for it in your life”. Through the years I got to know Yvonne better. She was passionate about music, art, dance and many more things. She had her own sense of style, she was a little quirky, she had a way of being honest and loving all at the same time so she could get away with saying almost anything. One time I was sitting eating a piece of cake and she came up to me, gave me a loving pat on the shoulder and said,”you better be careful, you wouldn’t want to loose that dancer figure”. Then she gave me her cute little smile and went on her way. I only loved her more. She was so genuine. I never felt like a single word she said was insincere. Only a little while before she passed away she came up to me gave me a hug and said ” You know I just love you. If I were to live life over, I would be a dancer, like you, beautiful and full of grace.” I hugged her back and said “You know I love you and your one of my favorite people.” Yvonne didn’t need to be a dancer she was beautiful and full of grace right up to the day she died. She made me be more passionate about my talents, she helped me find joy in sharing them in different ways, she was an example of love, kindness and honesty, she was an example of many things to me. With all of these wonderful attributes to teach me one of the greatest things Yvonne did for me was give me courage to be myself. She was eccentric in personality and style in the most unintrusive way and I loved that about her. I will always consider her an inspiration and a friend. There are other people on my favorite people list and I am grateful to those people for making  me a better person. I am grateful for all the people that I take the time to get to know enough that I can see their good and incorporate it into my own life.


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