One of my favorite things

I love long  johns, not the doughnuts, the long underwear. To be specific waffle knit long johns. They are one of my simple pleasures in life. The other day while I was standing in my closet looking for something to wear I spotted my long underwear top. I put it on and thought “Oh! Nothing feels better than a nice long underwear shirt”. I’m pretty sure there are those in the fashion world that would argue that it is at no time appropriate to wear waffle knit underwear as a shirt and yes perhaps I look like a lumberjack but I don’t care. One of may favorite shirts of all time was a short sleeved waffle knit that was white and had been tie dyed light purple. I wore it for so long. I wore it till it had stretched all out of shape and was too thin to be worn anymore. Sure you can buy waffle knit shirts that are meant to be worn as shirts not undershirts but they’re not the same. The bottoms are equally as wonderful as the tops. Not only are they great for ice-fishing but they make great pajamas, around the house wear,  in the winter they are wonderful under a long skirt, I even had a pair to wear to dance way back in the day. If I didn’t know better I would dare to wear them in public as pants but that wouldn’t be socially acceptable or very attractive. So today my post is just a simple, I LOVE YOU, to waffle knit long underwear.


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