Unthaw and Irregardless

Unthaw and Irregardless, have you ever said these words? It’s kind of interesting, I know I’ve said both of  them. Lets start with unthaw. I’m sure at some point I’ve said something like this, “This chicken is taking forever to unthaw”. I’m not sure when I realized this was wrong but I realized it and then was totally disgusted with myself. You don’t unthaw something you thaw it. If your unthawing something then technically you would be freezing it right?

Another word I caught myself saying was irregardless. One day I said it and then thought, “Wait a minute, that doesn’t make sense”. Regardless, by itself already means, without regard. So to add the “ir” is a little redundant.  Some dictionaries say that  the word has gained wide enough use that it can be classified as a word. Really? I think I’m just going to start making up words to see if in a couple hundred years they get accepted into dictionaries. How about Redonkulous? Wait a minute I think that’s been done. Really I rather see completely fabricated words make it into dictionaries before double-negatives like unthaw or irregardless are welcomed in. Thaw and regardless aren’t good enough?

If we are going to make up words lets at least be creative. You know like <em>ostopruficate</em> -<em> 1. To cause to thaw 2. To defrost 3. to warm</em>. Sticking Un or Ir onto words that don’t need them, that is just the lazy mans way of making up words.  I blame whoever started saying unthaw or irregardless for every unwise decision I have ever made. No not really but really? WHO started saying these things in the first place? Was it their goal to make everyone sound just a little more stupid? I know that I am by no means a grammar/vocabulary genius, all one has to do is read a couple of my posts and it’s quite evident, but when I learn something is wrong I like to correct it. Lets all decide that  next time we catch ourselves saying unthaw or irregardless, we will stop, rewind and be a little more creative with our made up words.

Just a side note. Have you ever caught yourself saying “I could care less!”.  Is that really what you mean? Or do you mean, “I COULDN’ T care less”? I, once again, am guilty.


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